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澳门新莆京娱乐网站荣获 ”优秀供应链服务单位“ 称号




2019 December, Chengdu Food Industry Development Committee awarded our "Lindstrom Chengdu Laundry Excellent Supply Chain Service Unit" title. This marks the good reputation we have built in the food industry and will bring us new opportunities in the future.We will also remember the responsibility behind the honor, adhere to bring customer high quality service and become a good partner of the customer.


在2019年间,贵企业的产品有出色的表现,获得了市场及消费者的认同,取得了较好的销售成绩,没有重大质量安全事故,没有政府及媒体的负面报道。经成都市食品商会,成都市食品工业协会、成都食品生产安全协会、《蓝皮书》编委会的一致审核,拟同意收录到“2019 成都市食品行业发展蓝皮书”手册中,并颁发奖牌。

Food industry association comment:

In 2019, your company have achieved excellent performance, winning the recognition of the market and customers, also achieved good results, without major quality and safety accidents or negative reports from the government or media.  After unanimous reviewed by Chengdu Food Chamber of Commerce, Chengdu Food Industry Association, Chengdu Food Production Safety Association and the editorial committee of "BLUE BOOK", it is consented to be included in the  "2019 Chengdu Food Industry Development BLUE BOOK" and awarded MEDALS.

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